The main purpose of the campaign is to win the lost and bring glory to Jesus; therefore, prayer is a vital part of the campaign planning and preparation. Those with a heart to pray and intercede for the lost can cover the campaign in prayer. This creates an atmosphere for God to move and touch lives, open doors, provide unexpected opportunities and bring favor with influential people that can significantly increase the effectiveness of the Ministry.

Encourage the Prayer Volunteers to Pray and Thank God continually for:

  • Favor with local churches and ministries, pastors, business people and government officials so the campaign will begin and continue unhindered

  • Good weather during the entire time of the campaign

  • The lost will be drawn to the campaign to hear the Gospel message preached

  • • That God will give the evangelist an anointed message, and utterance to proclaim the Gospel and minister effectively

  • That God will confirm His Word with signs and wonders, notable miracles and healing’s, (which truly is the ‘dinner bell’ for salvation), manifestations in deliverance from demonic oppressions

  • • A visitation of God in a powerful way in the campaign city and surrounding region causing the presence of God to be known among the lost and revival among the churches

  • • Unity within the body of Christ, that a common goal and purpose of winning the lost would cause denominational representation and effort in reaping the harvest of souls in a spirit of togetherness

  • • Take authority in Christ and bind the devil and proclaim Jesus as Lord of the Campaign city and region

  • • God will send help and good volunteers

  • That the souls that are saved in the campaign would remain saved and join into good local churches

  • • Abundant finances, favorable business deals and donations

  • • Increased vision for the lost among the pastors, and leaders that would urge them on after the Campaign to continue the effort of winning souls

  • • Ministries would be born out of the Campaign – people would catch the vision and take the Gospel message from this point and go to the ends of the earth

  • • Safety and strength for the campaign Team