Word of Mouth advertising

The goal of advertising is to motivate and interest as many people as possible to attend the crusade, especially the first night. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising. After the first night, word of the miracles begin to spread throughout the city and surrounding areas. This generates more interest and usually more people come each day. If Jesus is lifted up and His Word is preached to the people, He gives this promise in John 12:32, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.’


Motivate People

After building faith and vision in your team (your church and other Christians), encourage and challenge them to get actively involved by personally inviting people and participating in putting posters up and distributing flyers etc. Their involvement in the crusade process makes them feel that they have an important part in the harvest of souls through the crusade. This involvement and reality creates a contagious enthusiasm, which beautifully promotes the crusade and enriches their lives.
Develop your own advertisement strategy that is the most successful in your city/country for maximum impact of the crusade.



Have your leadership team create an atmosphere of faith ahead of time for God to move in power. Tell your church in the weeks leading up to the campaign to expect incredible things to happen
Encourage your church to invite the unsaved, the sick and the dying. Nobody is beyond hope! Everybody is a possibility to God! They should be passing out flyers, putting up posters, talking to their neighbors, families, going house to house etc.

  1. 1. Flyers – make professional quality flyers – use slogans and designs that will catch attention

  2. 2. Radio, TV and Newspaper Ads – if done properly, any investment you make will bring great results

  3. 3. Business Cards – small business cards with meeting date, location and map to location can be easily handed out everywhere. These are less likely to be thrown away. Encourage your team to distribute cards everywhere, on the job, gym, grocery stores, friends, streets etc.

  4. 4. Posters – make nice, colorful posters and place them on frequented places

  5. 5. Banners – get a banner made and hang it on the outside of your building to be seen

  6. 6. Photos – miracle pictures are available on our web site to be used for your campaign

  7. 7. IMPORTANT: Do not speak ‘Christian ese’! Target the secular people!

  8. 8. Slogans: Use bold and simple slogans that addresses the real issue:

  9. 9. ‘Are You Tired of Being Sick & Tired?’

  10. 10. ‘Bring the Sick, the Hurting and Dying!’

  11. 11. ‘It’s Time For Your Miracle!’

  12. 12. ‘Come, and Be Healed!’


Secular Media

Invite the secular media to report and advertise the event as NEWS!!! Call them and invite them for the Event. As a reference encourage them to visit our website with testimonies and photos of previous miracle events. If it is announced the Event to them as news, they will come and report on it, and as a result more people will come.

• Tell the media: It is front-page news event

• Prepare a media packet for all news media involved

• Organize press conference in a nice place with snacks and show them the Adventures of Miracles DVD

• Spark their interest in order to get them to com