How My Life Changed…

“I never knew I was such a wonderful, beautiful and amazing Treasure to the world, my world and to people until I met Dr Charles Ndifon and Pastor Donna Ndifon. They’re not only pastors to me, but they’re a true parents with a difference.

God brought me to the care of many pastors to raise me up, but they forgot their assignment in my life and only saw my mistakes, my past and the worst in me. Only true leaders see your potential and speak you into it.

Finally, God gave me parents who knew my past, what I’ve done and what I’ve been struggling with but never condemned me. When everyone else saw the worst in me and wanted to crucify me, they only saw God’s greatest idea, God’s image and God’s best. They covered me with their arms, loved me unconditionally even in my mess and little by little broke me free from all forms of hatred and bitterness be it from whoever that must have hurt me willingly or unwillingly.

Now, I’m the JOY to the world around me and my world and it even gets worse whenever I attend the POWER SCHOOL. You come out of this atmosphere of LOVE and all you see in people is God’s BEST and not the MESS. Now I don’t try to love. I’ve discovered that I am LOVE. Thank you Apostle Charles and pastor Pastor Donna for paying such a great price so our generation can experience God’s Love in its totality and reality.”

Randy Agyemang