With a ministry spanning over thirty years, Dr. Charles Ndifon impacted over 93 nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The uplifting message that he carries has ministered love and healing to a hurting world. His insight into the realities and power of the Gospel makes the Word of God come alive to the hearers.

Known as the Apostle of Love, his ministry cuts across ethnic, political and language barriers. He is a well sought after speaker, and his renowned miracle ministry has transformed the lives of millions around the world.

He is the host of the “Adventures In Miracles” television program, author or over 65 books, a philanthropist, a pastor of pastors. With a background of engineering, computer science and business administration, he is a well-known business strategist and consultant to major businesses all over the world.

He has been the subject of many documentaries and television programs around the world. Books and newspaper articles have been written about this dynamic man of God and his ministry. One of the most well-known books written about Dr. Ndifon is “The God of Miracles” by a Danish journalist, who followed him around and faithfully recorded all the miracles that took place during his ministry in Denmark.

Dr. Ndifon is also an advisor to kings, presidents, prime ministers and government leaders around the globe. He has spoken in many parliaments on strategic planning, good governance and nation building. He is the president and founder of Christ Love Ministries International in the USA; presiding Apostle of the Kingdom Embassy churches and the Oasis Of Love churches in over 80 countries, comprising over 2600 churches. Apostle Ndifon has trained over 50,000 people in the Gospel ministry and impacted many nations including Mongolia, Denmark, Germany, El Salvador, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Iceland, United States, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Bolivia, Indonesia, The Bahamas, The Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Hawaii, St. Vincent and many more.

He is also the president of many organizations around the world including Hope For The World Ministries and Mission Timoteo in Bolivia and Destiny Discovery Institute in Rhode Island, USA. He is also chairman of Kingdom Business Group and founder of Kingdom Embassy network. Together with his dynamic wife Rev. Dr. Donna Lynne they are the senior pastors of Kingdom Embassy International in Rhode Island, USA.