The following positive “by-products” of our events have been our personal
experience in three decades of ministry everywhere in the world

JOY:  The main goal of a Festival of Miracles is the salvation of souls.  A successful campaign will result in

many people accepting Jesus as Lord with many signs of healing and deliverance.  Great joy is experienced as

people encounter the goodness of God.

UNITY:  The campaign inspires Christians from all denominations to work together, giving the community an

opportunity to see cooperation, unity and love in action.  Jesus prayed to the Father that we would be brought to

complete unity so that the world may know that the Father sent Him.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER:  Members of the hosting church/ministry/community are urged to join in

intercessory prayer for the greater impact of the Festival of Miracles. The results of these prayers have long-

lasting impact and the church will benefit from the changes in the hearts and attitudes of people.

RENEWED ZEAL:  People in the congregation will have their spirits refreshed as a result of seeing and

hearing the messages and miracles during the event.  This rekindled fire is carried over to the local churches. 

The members tend to become more inspired to financially support their respective churches as a direct benefit

from the meetings.

FAITHFULNESS:  People in the churches attend more faithfully following an event.  During the meetings we

will encourage the believers as well as the new converts to continue in the faith and to regularly attend and

support the local churches.

EXPOSURE:  Thousands of people that have accepted Jesus Christ in response to the message of the Gospel

will need a local church in which to grow.  As a participating church of the event, opportunity is given for the

local participating pastors to introduce themselves and their church affiliation from the stage.  This gives the

pastors an introduction and exposure and lets the people know where they can attend church.  It is also good to

distribute flyers which have the local church name, address, and service times.

IDENTITY:  The event gives the opportunity to everyone to participate in something bigger than themselves. 

To have a part in a large and successful event will foster a sense of achievement and promote positive self-

esteem. These attitudes strengthen and encourage the participant’s identity as a believer and member of a

specific congregation.

FINANCIAL INCREASE:  As a by-product of the Festival of Miracles, the new converts and those who have

re-dedicated their lives to Christ, as well as other believers are passionate about attending the church and

helping with the vision of the local pastor. The increase in numbers and commitment will result in a positive

increase in finances for the participating local churches.