Please answer only those questions that are applicable to your event and email it to our international director.


We are honored by your invitation and are privileged to serve you. While we are prayerfully considering it, most of the work to make your Event successful is done in the natural realm. To fill out this questionnaire is crucial for all of us before we fully commit to your Event.


  1. What Type of Event do you wish to hold?(E.g. Power School in the morning and Miracle Services in the evening or other)

  2. What is your main objective/goal with this Event?(E.g. Evangelizing, Exhortation, Encouragement, Equipping, Teaching, Training, other)

  3. What would you like Apostle Dr. Charles to teach on mainly?

  4. What is the main theme and title of your Event?

  5. How many days do you plan for your Event?


  1. How many people do you estimate to come to your Event?

  2. How many people have actually registered already?


  1. We plan to make our teaching materials available (DVD, CD, Books) during the Event. Will you be able to provide a Book Table and Personnel to attend to it?

  2. What is the general selling price for DVD and CD in your country?

  3. Do you have good, experienced Interpreters?

  4. If you do not have professional quality camera equipment, CLMI will provide it and also train your staff on spot. Please prepare Technical Personnel (soundmen, video recording crew, photographers etc.) These people should be quick to learn and passionate about their assignment.


  1. Will your Event be on an open-air field, stadium, church or other? (please specify)

  2. What is the Size of the venue? (how many it seats)

  3. Do you plan for morning and evening meetings?

  4. Are the morning and evening meetings on the same location?

  5. Is the Event in a very populated area? Easily accessible by foot, car, and public transportation?

  6. If not, have you made arrangements for people to get there? (e.g. Renting buses) If so how many buses will you rent?

  7. What is the population of that City and of the Country?


  1. Please arrange for a Press Conference before the Event (invite secular media mostly: we want to reach the lost!)

  2. What kind of active Publicity/Advertising will you be doing? (E.g. posters, flyers, banners, TV/radio, newspapers etc.)

  3. How many Posters and Flyers will you be printing?

  4. How many people will be actually Canvassing? (going door to door and passing out tracks on frequented places)

  5. Will the publicity Involve other cities/countries as well?

  6. Will the Impact be felt in other parts of the area/city/country?


  1. How old and how big is your church/ministry?

  2. How many Ushers and how many Ministry Team members will be helping on the Event?

  3. (the function of the Ushers is to maintain the order while the Ministry Team is ministering to the people)

  4. How many Churches will be involved in organizing your Event?

  5. How big and solid these churches are?

  6. Will your church prepare Decision Cards to guide the new believers to your churches where they can be nurtured?

  7. Will your church provide the Worship? How big is your worship team? Do you have a great pianist?

  8. Who will provide the Security?


  1. What kind of Technical Equipment will be provided? Please give details. (E.g. electricity, stage, stage-lights, PA system, video recording, audio recording, cameras etc.)

    a) What type of cameras will you use to record your Event (e.g. Canon 3CCD, GL2 NTSC)
    b) How many cameras will you use?
    c) Will you be recording on DVD or DV tapes or other?
    d) Will you be using a video mixer?
    e) Do you have Overhead Projector or Power Point Projector?
    f) Can you arrange live streaming?

  2. If you do not have professional camera equipment, CLMI will provide their own. Please prepare Technical Personnel (soundmen, 3 video recording crew, 3 photographers etc.), we will also provide the training on spot. These people must be quick to learn and passionate about their assignment.


  1. Please note that All Rights of our Events (including ministering, teaching etc.) are reserved exclusively for Christ Love Ministries International as our intellectual property. Marketing these teaching materials in audio and/or video formats is the primary way of supporting our ministry to keep helping people.

  2. However we want to be a blessing to our hosting ministry and those attending therefore we permit our hosts to produce CDs and/or DVD's of the Event and sell them during the Event. Whatever profit is generated it will be shared 50%-50% between the hosting ministry and CLMI. After our departure you have our permission to sell these teaching materials (only in your church) and use the profit to aid your ministry.

  3. During the Event only authorized and assigned professionals are allowed to make audio- or, visual recordings or take pictures as long as they are not disturbing the order of the Event. No private recording is permitted for legal reasons.


  1. How do you plan to finance the Event?

  2. What arrangement do you plan to make for Apostle Ndifon's

Honorarium? (FYI the cost of running the ministry is ca. $5,000/day)


  1. How did you hear about Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon/CLMI?

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NB. Please answer these questions as soon as possible, as our Event Calendar is getting filled by the day and your answers will determine how we will proceed.