How will they know if you don’t tell them?

Invite the secular media before the event for a press Conference. Offer them free news on live miracles! Send emails to the editor’s office:


Attention News Editor
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘Come and See Miracles Today! The blind see, the deaf hear, the crippled walk!! Cancers and tumors disappear!!!’
Event Miracle Meetings with International Speaker Charles Ndifon USA/Nigeria
Date xxxxxxxxxxx
Location xxxxxxxxxxx
Organizers name of organizer

 Jesus said, Go and heal the sick! Charles Ndifon obeyed and witnessed that all things are possible with God. Since more than 25 years he has been traveling around the world, bringing good news to the poor and sick. Everywhere he goes miracles follow him, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa, USA, Canada, India, Mongolia, Mexico, Taiwan, the Caribbean’s etc. just as the Bible says: ‘And these signs shall follow them that believe…’ Mark 16:17
Dr. Charles Ndifon goes wherever people are hurting and in need. His meetings often number hundreds of thousands. Even skeptics and unbelievers walk away from his Miracle Campaigns amazed when confronted with the reality of God’s miraculous power today.
He teaches the principles of God, then heals the people from all manner of sicknesses. In Mexico five dead were raised back at his meeting. Through the years millions have been touched by his work, books have been written about him and if you check on the Internet (simply type in ‘Ndifon’ to any search program) you will find over 40,000 entries with connections to miracles & healing’s!

All over the world typical newspaper reports say: “The blind see, the deaf hear, the crippled walk! Cancer & tumors, diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, arthritis, AIDS, fibermalergy, palsy, MS, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, mental conditions and ALL manners of sickness and disease have been healed!”

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